Inauguration of 4th PASCH-School in Amman

Einweihung PASCH-Schule IEC Bild vergrößern Unterzeichnung des PASCH-Abkommens (© (c) German Embassy Amman)

German as a foreign language in Jordan:
Islamic Educational College introduced German and will receive support from Goethe-Institut

Amman, December 13th. The Islamic Educational College is the fourth Jordanian school being admitted to the so-called PASCH network in Jordan. PASCH stands for the German initiative "Schools: Partners for the Future", which was founded by the Federal Foreign Office in 2008.

The Goethe-Institut Amman and the school signed a Memorandum of Understanding admitting the Islamic Educational College (IEC) in the PASCH-Program. From now on the Goethe Institut will support the school to intensify and extend the teaching of German as a foreign language.

Like other PASCH-schools, the IEC will receive teaching materials and technical equipment and will be assisted by experts from the Goethe-Institut. German teachers will receive training courses and are able to spend time in schools in Germany. The best students will be invited to attend courses in Germany and qualified graduates are enabled to apply through the DAAD for a scholarship to study at a German university.

“Your school will be the biggest PASCH school in Jordan with about 1,000 pupils studying the German language. I am also very pleased to learn that many graduates of this school have started studying at the German Jordanian University. With the introduction of German as a foreign language already into highschool, even more graduates will find their way to the GJU or might choose Germany as place to study”, said Birgitta Siefker-Eberle, Germany’s Ambassador to Jordan, during the signing ceremony.


What are the objectives of PASCH?

The PASCH-initiative wants to establish German as a foreign language in national education systems outside Germany. The initiative wants to encourage young people to take an interest in and be enthused by modern Germany and its society.

It aims also to build up active and long-term links to Germany and encourage the schools, their teaching staff and pupils to engage in an open exchange of ideas and work together.


PASCH since 2009 in Jordan - more interest in German language

Since 2009 PASCH was established in Jordan; the first school to be included was the Jubilee School, followed by the Al Assriyye and Al Ahliyye / Bishop Schools in 2015.

In addition to the Islamic Educational College, the National Orthodox School is also joining the PASCH network this year.

With the inclusion of new schools in the PASCH program, the German Embassy and Goethe Institut account the fact that German as a foreign language in Jordan is becoming increasingly important.

Meanwhile, about 3,200 pupils learn German. That's twice as much as two years ago. This development also reflects the very good German-Jordanian relations and shows the growing interest in Germany and in the academic educational opportunities offered by German universities to students outside Germany.

Einweihung PASCH-Schule IEC Bild vergrößern Botschafterin Birgitta Siefker-Eberle mit Schülern nach der Zeremonie (© (c) German Embassy Amman)